Robyn Buchanan sitting on a counter holding a blue cup

Hi! I’m Robyn Buchanan

Youtube creator — I love helping women tame the chaos so they can thrive in a simplified life a home.

After 23 years as an emergency nurse, 911 dispatcher, and waitress (thankfully not all at the same time), I knew two things about myself:

First, I’m a natural helper (the kind who was always the first stop for friends seeking advice – especially in our angsty teenage years.)

Second, I thrive in a go-go-go setting where nothing is the same from minute to minute.


One of the biggest revelations in my life was when I noticed just HOW much my own home was dragging me down. It stressed me out.

So, I started decluttering, and the more I decluttered, the less stressed, anxious and unfocused I felt.

We embraced (reasonable) minimalism, only keeping what we needed, used or truly loved (like artwork).

OMiGosh, life is SO much better now!

I have peace, I don’t feel the pressure to clean CONSTANTLY. I can drink a cup of tea and just enjoy a quiet moment. I can spend the day in the garden and come into a (relatively) tidy home (I mean, I have 3 teen boys). I can RELAX!

When I’m not working, here’s what I’m hyperfocusing on

❄️ Cold plunging for mental health and longevity

🥬 Veggie gardening (flowers are okay too, but fresh carrots and potatoes always blow my mind)  

☕️ Tea – In my world pumpkin chai is a year-round drink! 

🏔 Mountains – I live on Vancouver Island and swoon over the Vancouver Island Ranges

📺 The BBC historic farm series (Historians recreating bygone eras? I’m obsessed!)

☔️ Rain and snow – both so cozy

🥞 Cooking and baking – Making pancakes relaxes me and I bake a mean blueberry pie

Let’s do the time warp

🧹 Childhood playtime: making houses in the forest and sweeping the forest floor with branches

🚶🏻‍♀️ I used to walk uphill to and from school – both ways! (through a valley 😜)

🎸 My first concert: the Canadian rock festival Edgefest (iykyk)

👨🏼‍🎤 First celebrity crushes: Christian Slater, Kurt Cobain, and Matthew Good

🛹 High-school hobby: skateboarding (I could do three tricks – and trust me: they were all killer)

🐶 First (and only) dog: a funny, chunky Yorkshire terrier I named Betty (after girl skateboarders)… and since then it’s been 100% cats