The Easy Decluttering Handbook!

The Minimalist Home Decluttering Handbook e-book is the best way to get a clutter-free home without the struggle by helping you realize where you should start and how to decide what to keep and what should go.


😍 Decluttering Checklist

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Tired of clutter in your home?

Checklists and handouts are great, but they don’t give you the full system to guide you through your clutter-shedding journey.

  • That area you started, but got you stuck because you picked up an old piece of that food dehydrator that was missing its lid and is now collecting dust.
  • You feel like you waste weekends “organizing” only to feel like you’re not making any progress and you still have piles of paper on your kitchen counter from last year.
  • You open a box of things that were your mother’s, and even though you yearn for a tidy, clutter-free home, you feel like the worst daughter in the world for even considering decluttering the afghan she crocheted you.

No more, because this handbook has the awesome system I used to declutter my whole home!

There’s never been a better time to remove the excess from your home so it’s tidy, clean and peaceful.

the best way to get that decluttered home is to use this handy dandy guidebook!

Here’s what’s inside this digital e-book:


Learn the BEST place to start so don’t get overwhelmed and get some quick wins!


Discover the right way to declutter by prepping for success, including setting yourself and your environment up AND the questions to ask so you’re confident with your decisions.


Explore how to tackle and manage hard decisions so you’re confident as you create your decluttered environment.


Organizing your clutter-free space so everything has a place and your home is neat and tidy!


How to keep your home clutter-free by learning how to reduce clutter coming in and keeping the clutter gone!

🌟 Declutter Easily!

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Hi! I’m Robyn from Minimalist Home

I’m a mom to 3 teen boys (and 3 boy cats), wife to one great guy, a registered nurse and a blog and Youtube creator. I love helping women tame home and life chaos so they can thrive in a simplified life and home.

I used to live in a crazy, cluttered and messy home! I would come home from the emergency department exhausted and heartsick. I wanted to snuggle my husband and kids, but instead was grumpy as I tried to “organize” and clean (NOT possible when your home is cluttered).

One day I had an epiphany that the STUFF was the problem, so I used this system to totally overhaul an declutter my home! Now, I LOVE coming home and relaxing in my decluttered and peaceful home.