The Untangled Decluttering Program

Unlock the secrets to the long-lasting, decluttered, and clean home you’ve dreamed of

Traditional approaches fail because they don’t address the core issues that keep you cluttered. It’s time for a perspective shift.

Have you been trying to declutter for years and still have stuff everywhere?

I know how it feels to be surrounded by mess & stuff and to feel like a failure because it felt impossible to keep my home clean

The missing link: Uncovering the root causes

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In the last year, you’ve likely spent many hours in numerous self-help videos, sought out tips and tricks, and scoured through decluttering books, hoping to find the magic solution to your clutter woes. Yet, despite your efforts, maybe these resources are basically Band-Aids on a gaping wound, failing to address the core issues that keep you in the endless clutter cycle.

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The truth is, your clutter runs deeper than what meets the eye. It’s not just about the physical belongings surrounding you; it’s an intricate web of emotions, past experiences, and ingrained beliefs. These hidden factors are the true culprits behind your clutter conundrum, and until you unearth and tackle them head-on, you’ll continue to struggle with maintaining a clutter-free life.

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Here’s the thing, it’s not your fault. I bet you tried your best with the knowledge and tools you had, but there’s a missing piece of the puzzle keeping you stuck. It’s a proven, comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique challenges. Without it, it’s like navigating a maze blindfolded, inevitably leading to the same cluttered dead-end.

How Amazing Would it Feel to Finally Have…

🙋🏻‍♀️ a clean, mess-free house that is a delight to look at?

🙋🏻‍♀️ room to move around your own home without stuff getting in your way or frustrating you?

🙋🏻‍♀️ the space in your mind to think, dream and just listen to the wind blowing through the trees?

🙋🏻‍♀️ the freedom and “permission” to relax because everything is clean, put away and tidy?

🙋🏻‍♀️ time to enjoy your family because you’re not cleaning (or feeling like you need to clean)?

🙋🏻‍♀️ the ease (and dare I say fun) of cooking a delicious meal without clearing space? (can you smell that yummy marinara sauce cooking?)

🙋🏻‍♀️ the relief in knowing exactly where things are because everything has a home?

🙋🏻‍♀️ a relaxed body and mind in your clutter-free home because you are done decluttering for good?

Imagine a life where clutter no longer holds you hostage.

Picture waking up in a serene, organized space that supports your well-being. With Untangled, this vision becomes your reality.



decluttering program

The ONLY decluttering program that helps you declutter what has been keeping you stuck so you can finally create a clutter-free, tidy, and peaceful home that feels like a soothing sanctuary.

Untangled offers two formats options for how you learn best: self-study or group coaching.

Let’s get down to business

3 courses in 1 easy to consume package

Here is what we cover inside…

phase one

The Mindset Phase

The Mindset Phase of Untangled delves deep into the overlooked psychological and emotional aspects causing and keeping you in clutter. In this transformative phase, you’ll uncover and challenge ingrained beliefs, explore the generational influences behind your clutter, and develop empowering new habits; so that when roadblocks come up, you can push them over and declutter with peace of mind

phase Two

The Action Phase

The Action Phase of Untangled is where you roll up your sleeves and tackle the physical clutter in your life. You have full access to courses that provide step-by-step guidance on decluttering every room of your home and my decluttering process; so you know what to do and this makes decisions a breeze!

phase Three

The Momentum Phase

The Momentum Phase of Untangled is all about keeping your home clutter-free. Learn how to shop mindfully without accumulating more clutter, discover strategies for regular maintenance decluttering, and dive into topics like dealing with family dynamics and staying organized. You’ll have the support and tools necessary to sustain your clutter-free lifestyle; so that you don’t slide back when you’re finished and you continue moving forward getting stronger everyday! LOVING your decluttered home

Did I Mention BONUSES?

Here are the sprinkles on top of your untangling journey!


Simplify Your Kitchen helps you create a decluttered, tidy and streamlined kitchen!

  • How to utilize my proven strategy from the kitchen lens.
  • How to set your kitchen up for maximum efficiency


Simplified Kids helps you teach the children in your life to declutter and organize their rooms

  • How to start chores with your kids
  • How to organize and declutter kids’ stuff


31-Days of Decluttering Guide is a fun challenge you can use in either the momentum or action phase get a huge boost in your decluttering goals.

The Untangled Process

Here’s how we’ll remove the clutter keeping you in knots

Untangled is perfect for anyone on their decluttering quest. Whether you’re just starting, feeling stuck, facing constant roadblocks, or want to maintain momentum, I’ve got you covered. When you sign up, you have the flexibility to start where you need to.

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Mindset Transformation:

If you’re new or feeling stuck with decluttering, the Mindset section is the perfect place to begin. Identify the areas where you keep getting stuck, confront harmful beliefs, and overcome them. This forms the foundation for lasting change.

Action Oriented:

The Action phase provides practical guidance to get that decluttering done. Dive into the “Simplify Your Home course” for my whole home decluttering system and insights tailored to various areas in your life, or pop over to “Simplified Kitchen” to create a clutter-free kitchen in which you love baking granola!

Sustaining Momentum:

The Momentum section equips you with the tools to maintain progress. Learn how to shop without accumulating clutter, practice maintenance decluttering, and keep the positive changes going.

looking for more support?

Group Coaching Option

You might be wondering, “Okay, what if I want or need more support?”

👯‍♀️ Join us for small-group coaching May 27-June 28.

If you’re ready to dive into the mindset portion with me, buckle up! Together, as a tight-knit group, we’re going to peel back the layers and explore those pesky beliefs, habits, and mindsets that have been holding you back. Picture this: weekly lessons, soothing meditations, and a safe space to ask all your burning questions.

This isn’t just about tidying up your space temporarily; it’s about creating lasting change. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of decluttering and hello to a clutter-free haven that feels like home sweet home. No more false starts or sudden stops—let’s roll up our sleeves and make this happen, once and for all!

Ready to transform your living space and your life? Let’s do this, together! 🚀

Happy Notes

How Untangled is different from everything else you’ve tried

Unlike other decluttering programs focusing solely on your things, the Untangled Program takes a holistic approach. We recognize that clutter is not just about “stuff”; it’s deeply intertwined with your mindset, beliefs, and habits.

While other programs might offer quick fixes that provide short-lived relief, Untangled delves deep into the root of the problem. We acknowledge the emotional and psychological aspects of clutter, offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the surface.

Watch me ☝️

Untangled Program


🧠 Untangled Mindset ($297 value)
📦 Untangled Action ($97)
🚀 Untangled Momentum ($97)

🍳 BONUS Simplify Your Kitchen ($97)
👧 BONUS Simplified Kids course ($47)
🗓️ BONUS 31-Day Challenge ($27)
$662 Value for $197


💬 Untangled weekly small group coaching
🧘🏻‍♀️ Weekly Subconscious Meditations
📞 Calls May 27-June 28
($1500 value)

🧠 Untangled Mindset ($297)
📦 Untangled Action ($197)
🚀 Untangled Momentum ($97)

🍳 BONUS Simplify Your Kitchen ($97)
👧 BONUS Simplified Kids course ($97)
🗓️ BONUS 31-Day Challenge ($27)
$2162 Value for $397

Today’s clutter doesn’t just pile up; it creeps into your mind and emotions.

problems listed: do you ever wonder why you can seem to declutter? Is your home stressing you instead of supporting and giving you the sanctuary you need? Are you tired of temporary fixes that leave you right back where you started?  What if your clutter problem is deeper than you realized, rooted in ingrained beliefs and lessons, and emotional baggage

“Prior to joining Untangled, I was paralyzed with perfectionism…”

“Why do anything to improve my house if it wouldn’t be perfect? Joining this group and seeing others have the same issues that I have has been so inspiring! The mindset video calls were exactly what I needed to get out of the slump I was in and take a good hard look at why I keep so much stuff. Why store it if I am not going to use it? This has been so comforting to me. I have made many trips to the donation center and feel joy every time that I may be blessing someone who is in need. This group is helping me to realize that what your home should contain are things that you love, that you use, and bring you comfort and peace. I still have a lot of decluttering work ahead. Now I feel confident that I can accomplish this goal. I have a vision of what I want, finally!! Thank you Robyn for your inspiration and guidance. I am so grateful.”
-Mary, Untangled member

“This has been a wonderful gift to myself…”

“…I am so happy that I found ‘Untangled’ as my decluttering journey has been long & was only semi-productive prior to this. I am definitely a sentimental type – something that has become almost paralyzing since losing my mother a year ago. Without a deeper dive into the reasons behind the clutter, I’m sure I’d still be procrastinating and hating the impact excess clutter has on my life. Removing items from the home used to feel utterly overwhelming – like I was rejecting a big part of who I am. Then I discovered that keeping the house clean and tidy was incredibly time consuming – the clutter was getting in the way of me enjoying life in the present.

Now, my son’s declining health has really highlighted the need to streamline my routines – and quite honestly, I don’t want to waste any more time on unnecessary stuff – including ‘managing’ my clutter. I appreciate the supportive ‘Untangled’ community – it’s good for the soul to know that you’re not alone! I also enjoy Robyn’s sense of humor and realistic focus on minimalism. I’m still working on the clutter of course, but my perspective has changed for the better and I am finally making progress. This has been a wonderful gift to myself.”
-Anne, Untangled member

Meet Your Guide:

I’m passionate about you taking control of your environment

I’m Robyn!

Heyyy, I’m Robyn Buchanan, your BFF on this clutter-free journey. I’m a decluttering coach & YouTube creator, Registered Nurse, mom to 3 teen boys, and wife to a great catch.

As an emergency nurse, I’ve seen how fragile life is. To be blunt, the clock is ticking, and it’s time we prioritize ourselves.

After chaotic ER shifts, I realized my messy home made me feel worse. I didn’t even notice it most of the time because I was so used to it. Doing the inner work and embracing “reasonable minimalism” (not extreme) brought light to my mood, relationships, and energy.

Seeing how clutter affects people saddens me. Many struggle with stuff they don’t need because they’ve given up or don’t have the energy to fight for themselves anymore.

My mission is to bring freedom, peace, and joy by helping people release the things holding them back from living unencumbered.

In a world filled with clutter, chaos, and constant noise, you need a solution that goes beyond the surface.

Traditional methods, books, and videos may have left you feeling stuck and yearning for lasting change.

But what if we told you there’s more to clutter than meets the eye? It’s not just about tidying up your space; it’s about transforming your life, one space at a time.

A recap of the big pieces inside

Mindset Transformation: If you’re new or feeling stuck, the Mindset section is the perfect place to begin. Identify the areas where you keep getting stuck, confront harmful beliefs, and overcome them. This forms the foundation for lasting change.

Take Action: For those unsure of where to start, the Action phase provides practical guidance. Dive into the “Simplify Your Home course” for my whole home decluttering system and insights tailored to various areas in your life, or pop over to “Simplified Kitchen” to create a clutter-free kitchen in which you love baking granola!

Sustaining Momentum:  The Momentum phase equips you with the tools to maintain progress. Learn how to shop without accumulating clutter, practice maintenance decluttering, and keep the positive changes going.

you might be wondering…

Your Q’s Answered

Q: Why is Untangled different from other decluttering methods?

Untangled isn’t a quick fix; it’s a comprehensive program that addresses the root causes of clutter. It’s about healing yourself, not just tidying.

Q: What are the dates and times for the group coaching option?

The dates are May 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24, and 28. Calls are at 12 p.m. Pacific Time.

Q: What if I’m too busy and it’s not the right time for me?

I get that life can get hectic, but the Untangled Program is designed to be flexible and fit into your schedule. By decluttering and simplifying your life, you’ll actually create more time for the things that truly matter to you. 

Remember, there’s never a “perfect time” to start; waiting for the ideal moment can hold you back indefinitely. It’s time to take action and make the positive changes you deserve.

Q: When does the program start, and how long do I have access?

You get access to the course immediately and for life!

Q: Do I need Facebook?

Nope, there is no Facebook group with this program.

Q: Why would I spend money on decluttering my home?

Prioritizing self-investment in Untangled is about reclaiming your space, time, and well-being. By investing in yourself and your surroundings, you’re taking the first step toward creating a harmonious and clutter-free environment that supports your overall happiness and personal growth.

YOU are worth it. You have value. Let’s get you to believe it.

Q: I struggle with low energy due to age or health issues. Can I keep up with this program?

Absolutely! The Untangled program is designed to be flexible and accommodating. You can work at your own pace, and the mindset work involved often includes writing and inner reflection, which can be done at your comfort level. 

As your home becomes more decluttered, you’ll likely find it easier to maintain and clean, which can lead to improved energy levels. Plus, less clutter means less overall work, making it manageable even if you have ongoing energy problems.

Q: Is there a refund policy

Try Untangled out! If you’re not satisfied in the first 7 days, you will get a full refund.

Untangled is perfect for you if you can check off 3 or more:

📦 You desire a serene, organized home that supports your well-being.

📦 You’re exhausted when you clean and declutter

📦 You get overwhelmed every time you start decluttering

📦 You struggle with indecision

📦 Everything feels sentimental or you’re racked with guilt whenever you consider decluttering an item

📦 You plan to repair, modify or repurpose random items, but they just keep piling up

📦 You struggle to find space for things (Christmas is a nightmare)

📦 You struggle to clean or dust around things or you have to move things to clean

📦 You’ve watched the videos, read the books, or tried the tips and still struggle

📦 You start decluttering, but then get off track and end up back where you started

You might be thinking…

“I’ve tried decluttering before, and it never lasts.” 

“I’m too busy to tackle this right now.”

“I’ve already tried so many things; how is this really going to improve my life?”

⭐️ I get it, but the Untangled Program isn’t just another quick fix. It’s a comprehensive program that dives deep into your clutter struggles and empowers you to break free. 

📺 Instead of just paying into something to consume, you are investing in your home, your personal growth, your mental health and YOU! This is not just another “course”; this is a lifestyle reset.

📘 Work at your own pace. You are in a program with access to all lessons

❤️ I want you to be successful and get that home you LOVE, so please take your time.

What Past Participants Have Said

I felt overwhelmed to the point that it was easier not keeping up with tasks at all. I felt guilty I wasn’t keeping my home the way I thought I should be. We just had far too much stuff: full closets, tons of baskets, packed shelves. It looked tidy on the outside, but we were hiding it behind doors. We are homeschoolers so that makes it even worse! 

I used to feel like a nagging wife and mom when it was time to clean. I’ve been trying to declutter for years, but after this course, I am finally seeing the end of the process!! I feel so much more at peace. —Corissa

I had piles in each room and the elephant in the corner. I seemed to see it more than anyone else did. That deeply bothered me because everyone in my home said, “It’s fine. It’s not that bad, it’s not bothering us.” It made me feel like I was mentally ill, which I am, but not to the state that I can’t see rationality! 

It was faster than I expected and emotional at times, but having the course and support finally made it seem achievable. Each time I went back I grew more confident; decisions got easier. I enjoy walking into rooms now, and I fall asleep proud of the work I’ve done. I enjoy being at home now, where before I only enjoyed life at work. 

Before I started the Simplify Your Home program (inside Untangled) I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. I had too much stuff: full closets and piles everywhere – I couldn’t find anything! I used to find it hard to get started, but I have learned to just take a deep breath and attack! I feel like life is getting better and my stress is slowing down. —Nikki

Despair, ashamed, trapped, depressed, confused, distracted, agitated, on-edge, self-loathing, disappointed, stuck, resentful of the level of cleaning and decluttering always facing me…that’s how I felt before. It takes so much energy to try to deal with the clutter; it never lets me forget it’s there, and I feel like a failure! 

Going through the Simplify Your Home course was exhilarating, painful, comforting, encouraging, inspiring, difficult, stretching, guided, and supported. I now feel hopeful, confident, relieved, calm, and more in control of my life and surroundings. The knowledge that I am in control, and it’s as simple as choosing to declutter and choosing happiness over “stuff”. I loved the inclusion of a children’s portion. Being able to pass these habits on to my daughter will be such a relief! This program was just right! Powerful but not complex, which kept me focused and confident. —Amy

Your Clutter-Free Future Awaits

It’s time to break free from the chains of clutter. Untangled offers you more than a decluttered space; it’s a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Your clutter-free future awaits—seize it.