Minimalist Home’s
Spring Declutter & Mindset Challenge

Declutter Your Space and Your Mindset!

A free 4-day (with 3-calls) challenge!
Monday May 13-Thursday May 16

This is for you if you:

  • have organized until there’s nothing left to organize and you still have clutter!
  • feel like all you’ve been doing is decluttering for years or decades
  • have hit a brick wall, and you’re stuck behind it and don’t know why (pssst! It might be your mindset)

Wouldn’t it feel great:

  • to be done decluttering so you can finally enjoy your tidy and relaxing home?
  • to have organized drawers and closets so you can find what you’re looking for in seconds?
  • having a home that’s always company ready without crazy cleanups before they arrive?

👉 Then, you need this challenge! Let’s do it!

Every other decluttering challenge tells you it’s all about the stuff.

What if I told you it’s about something else? This challenge takes you one step deeper to explore what others aren’t telling you:

That piece of decluttering your mind from those beliefs, patterns, habits and generational lessons that KEEP you in this neverending cycle of clutter.

Let’s get down to business

Here is why this challenge will be amazing!

Addressing the Mindset

Have you ever been gung-ho to declutter and organize? You grab some bins and boxes. You’re super excited because you are going “organize this closet/basement/kitchen/etc.”, but just as you start making progress, you stop.

It’s almost like you’re being sabotaged! (And here’s the thing: you are being sabotaged by yourself!)

Day one of this challenge is all about exploring the common mindset struggles that are holding you back, like patterns, beliefs, habits, and generational lessons that stick with us far too long and keep us cemented in place, making barely any progress.

It’s time to declutter

On day two, we take what we’ve learned from day 1 and start decluttering.

I help you choose the perfect spot to start, give you the right questions to ask, and then we declutter for 3 days!

You’ll learn to notice what thoughts come up, and your handy workbook will help guide you through those thoughts and feelings so they don’t resurface.

Creating a decluttering plan to keeping going

Day three is all about taking what we’ve learned and creating a plan for the future.

On days 1 and 2 you will have learned insights into yourself, and as you start making progress in your decluttering, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

It’s time to leap over that wall that keeps stopping you from reaching your decluttering goals and its’ time to live in that gorgeous and decluttered home!

We take those insights and struggles for you to create a plan and a map for your decluttering journey as you free yourself from a cluttered home and life for good.

Let’s get over that wall that keeps stopping you from reaching your decluttering goal and living in your gorgeous decluttered home!

About your teacher

Hi! I’m Robyn Buchanan

I’m a mom, nurse, wife, cat-mom, and major lover of tea and new-wave 80s music. I LOVE to cook, garden and live a slow-life. I’ve created this life by decluttering.


One of the biggest revelations in my life was when I noticed just HOW much my own home was dragging me down. It stressed me out.

So, I started decluttering, and the more I decluttered, the less stressed, anxious and unfocused I felt.

We embraced (reasonable) minimalism, only keeping what we needed, used or truly loved (like artwork).

OMiGosh, life is SO much better now!

I have peace, I don’t feel the pressure to clean CONSTANTLY. I can drink a cup of tea and just enjoy a quiet moment. I can spend the day in the garden and come into a (relatively) tidy home (I mean, I have 3 teen boys). I can RELAX!

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