Your Spring Declutter & Mindset Challenge!

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Day 1

May 13

Day 2

May 14

day 3

May 15 – Independent Day

Day 4

May 16


You did it! And GOOD for you!

Here’s what to do:
#1 Watch the welcome video πŸ‘ˆ
#2 Journal why clutter bothers you, then how AMAZING life will be when you declutter
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Hi! I’m Robyn Buchanan

I’m a mom, nurse, wife, cat mom, and major lover of tea and new-wave 80s music. I LOVE to cook, garden and live a slow-life. I’ve created this life by decluttering.


One of the biggest revelations in my life was when I noticed just HOW much my own home was dragging me down. It stressed me out.

So, I started decluttering, and the more I decluttered, the less stressed, anxious and unfocused I felt.

We embraced (reasonable) minimalism, keeping only what we needed, used, or truly loved (like artwork).

OMiGosh, life is SO much better now!

I have peace, and I don’t feel the pressure to clean CONSTANTLY. I can drink a cup of tea and enjoy a quiet moment. I can spend the day in the garden and come into a (relatively) tidy home (I mean, I have three teen boys). I can RELAX!